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- cloudsec corporate program -

"CloudSec Corporate" is a program to equip you with holistic approach to cloud security. It is a program in which you will understand how to secure your cloud infrastructures.  It starts with the basics of cloud computing and then covers understanding risks and compliance in your environment, It ends with discussing cloud security architectures and live demos of securing your infrastructure. 

Whether you have already moved to cloud or starting a cloud adoption journey

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Some of the topics included are : (Although we use AWS as a CSP for all our demos but a comparative study is done with security controls of the other CSPs during the session )


  1. Cloud computing, service and deployment models 

  2. Shared Security Responsibility of cloud

  3. Identifying risk and designing cloud security framework

  4. ISO 27001 compliance and Data privacy 

  5. Understanding various cloud security domains

  6. Cloud Security best practices

  7. AWS Security - General overview

  8. AWS console demo

  9. AWS Security services 

  10. Defence-in-depth AWS security demo

  11. Incidence response automation in AWS

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